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Why Onavi

What's In a Name?

You may be wondering where we got our name, Onavi. The inspiration came from the foot's “navicular” bone: a dynamic, supportive bone in the upper middle of your foot on the medial side. It’s a tarsal, one of the big guys.

Just like that navicular bone, Onavi is here in the middle of things, offering support. We work hard to relieve your foot pain and improve your performance. Try a pair of Onavi insoles today and feel the difference.


Improving Your Quality of Life

If you experience foot pain, you’re the reason we’re here. We dedicate ourselves to people of all walks of life—anyone who needs to get back on their feet, free from pain.

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Tackling Foot Pain

Our team of designers, engineers, and doctors have over 50 years of combined footwear development and manufacturing experience. We wanted to make something that works – something that’s life changing that we would wear ourselves.


Back to the Lifestyle You Love

Our team created an insole that will benefit nearly everybody suffering from foot pain. Our insoles are designed by expert podiatrists to help realign your body, relieve your pain, and get you back to the lifestyle you love