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Hear from Our Customers

Hear from people like you.  People with foot pain looking for relief.  Athletes looking for improved performance.  Learn more about how Onavi has impacted the lives of customers.

Adding Comfort To Everything You Do

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"I haven't tried orthopedic insoles before and to tell you the truth, my expectations were low. Usually when I get new shoes or try new insoles the break in period is awful. I put these in my work shoes and fully expected to be in a ton of pain for a few days. I was presently surprised when they were comfortable on day one. Highly recommended."
- Michael C.



"My husband is on his feet all day, averaging 8mile walks in work boots and Onavi inserts have made a much needed comfort. Thanks Onvai for providing a better quality of life."
- Terri A.


Everyday Use

"I used these to replace the insoles in a pair of dress shoes that left my heels sore after lots of walking. The new Onavi insoles have been great. My heel soreness has been eliminated and the arch support is very comfortable."
- Christian M.