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Our Technology

We've Built A Different Kind of Insole

At Onavi, we're a little different.  We're laser-focused on relieving your foot pain.  Working with expert podiatrists, we've designed and tested the Onavi insole for years.  The result is a product that helps realign your body, relieve your pain, and get you back to the lifestyle you love.

Onavi-pair (Medium)

Specialized, targeted support towards the back of your arch and the front of your heel

Firm layer of foam and stabilizer cap create the ultimate stability

A premium heel pad provides all day cushioning, high rebound and heel spur pain relief

Treated top cloth is moisture wicking and provides long lasting anti-microbial coating to keep your insoles fresh for longer

A Poron XRD pad provides impact reduction zone that retains its shape and flexibility over time

Our deep heel cup not only offers maximum shock absorption and comfort, but also enables a better in-shoe fit

The Onavi Align

Our flagship insole features advanced materials and cutting-edge construction. We’ve designed the Onavi Align to deliver smooth and ergonomic energy transfer through every step. We’ll break down the technology here and introduce you to how this insole is different from every other.

Onavi-pair (Medium)

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Premium quality foam – known as TPE – is the lightest and most durable material on the market. Our foam lasts longer than other off-the-shelf insoles, and won’t need replacement from wear and tear for at least 3 to 6 months of everyday walking.

onavi-technology-heelcup (Medium)

Reactive Gel Heel Pad

The unique tiered construction of the Onavi Align heel pad places your body’s weight where it needs to go. The gel provides all day cushioning, high rebound, and heel spur pain relief

Onavi-side (Medium)

Rigid & Flexible Support

Everybody’s arch is built different. The Onavi Align spine guides, propels, and supports your foot, providing motion control and comfort. The unique ridge design allows the spine to flex along your foot’s horizontal axis of movement while supporting your arch. It’s a close fit for nearly every arch type.

Onavi Topcloth (Medium)

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Friction, Anti-Odor

The sock liner cloth is weaved to reduce friction and increase breathability. We’ve applied the fabric with Silpure, a treatment that eliminates microbes known to cause odor. Your insoles will stay fresher for longer!

Onavi-heel-cup (Medium)

Maximum Comfort & Stability

The Onavi Align heel cup cradles your foot and offers maximum shock absorption. The depth of the heel creates more contact with your foot, allowing you to feel more in control when doing the activities you love.

Onavi-pair-2 (Medium)

Industry-Leading Impact Absorption

Your forefoot is often under heavy pressure during a long day on your feet, which is why we protect you with high-grade foam -- protecting you better than any other material through its unique, non-Newtonian impact absorbing properties.