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Understanding Foot Pain

Identifying the Source of Pain

Foot pain is a common problem with a wide range of root causes.  To receive the correct treatment you need to understand exactly what is causing your foot pain. The first thing to consider is where your pain is localized. Here’s a guide to what may be causing your foot pain.


  • Due to the delicacy and intricacy of the forefoot, there are numerous factors that can lead to various types of forefoot pain. The more common injuries include Mortons Neuroma, metatarsal stress fractures and metatarsalgia.
    • Mortons Neuroma – a condition resulting in pain between the third and fourth toes caused by a compressed nerve. This can be caused by tight, poorly-fitting shoes, arthritis and impact injuries.
    • Metatarsal Stress Fractures – a fine fracture in one of the long metatarsal bones in the foot. This is usually caused by a direct impact, trauma or overuse.
    • Metatarsalgia –symptoms include pain/numbness/aching sensation around the ball of foot area. This can be caused by poorly-fitting shoes, high impact sports, being overweight, or an unusual bone structure in the foot.
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Onavi's Forefoot Technology

Onavi insoles use D3O foam technology in the forefoot. D3O is an advanced material with non-Newtonian impact absorbers, protecting your forefoot from the stress of everyday use.

Midfoot & Arch

  • Midfoot pain is centralized where the small tarsal bones are located. Arch pain is commonly found either on the inside or outside of the arch.  Common diagnoses include Plantar Fasciitis, fallen arches, cuboid syndrome and extensor tendonitis.
    • Plantar Fasciitis – the most common cause of arch pain. The plantar fascia ligament runs from under the heel to the forefoot.  A strain may be caused gradually over time or by a single trauma.
    • Fallen Arches – happen when the arches flatten out whilst standing or walking.
    • Cuboid Syndrome – occurs when the cuboid bone partially dislocates due to an injury such as an ankle sprain or can gradually break down through repetitive trauma/over usage.
    • Extensor Tendonitis – inflammation of the tendons that run along the top of the foot. Usually caused when the foot rubs against a shoe, and tends to affect people who spend long periods on their feet.
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Onavi's Midfoot & Arch Technology

Onavi’s Active Ridge Technology conforms and supports your arch to give you long lasting comfort. The unique design flexes in just the right spots to create a comfortable and supportive fit.


  • Heel pain is one of the most common forms of foot pain and can be sudden onset or can appear gradually over time. Common diagnoses include Plantar Fasciitis, bruised heel syndrome and heel spurs.
    • Plantar Fasciitis – the most common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia ligament runs from under the heel to the forefoot.  A strain may be caused gradually over time or by a single trauma.
    • Bruised Heel Syndrome – bruising to the tissue under the heel causing pain. This is usually caused by overuse such as repetitive bounding, long distance running or landing heavily on the heel.
    • Heel Spurs – a hooked bony growth protruding from the heel bone, which often occurs alongside planta fasciitis. Common causes of heel spurs are repetitive trauma to the base of the heel, obesity or poorly-fitting shoes.
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Onavi's Heel Technology

The heel cup and impact absorbing gel in Onavi insoles cradles your heel, helping to prevent pain and discomfort caused by common heel pain issues. Onavi insoles will correct and realign your body, which will relieve ankle, knee, and back pain over time.

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