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4 Strategies for Choosing the Best Insoles For You

When we set out to make the best insoles for our own feet, there really weren’t many options out there, beyond a few well known, but ill-fitting  brands that were sold at your local drugstore.  This is what began our search for a better solution, but fast forward to today, and there have been an explosion of Insole options.  Far from being daunted, this tells us two things:  people still have a need for more comfortable steps, and our insoles continue to set industry standards.  Below are 4  things to consider when choosing an insole:

  1. Buy better, not more:  Find an insole that is made of quality material.  For Onavi, we leverage the durability and flexibility and durability of Poron and D30 foam materials to ensure each pair of Insoles lasts longer and feels better.  Good quality parts, will make your insole last longer, and a longer lasting insole means fewer insoles ending up in land-fills. 
  2. Understand your needs: whether it’s a chat with your podiatrist, self-identifying the root cause of your pain, or even examining the shoes you want to match your new insoles with, take some time to research.  We have highlighted a number of maladies that our insoles can help with on our website, and read our reviews from users who are suffering from specific pains that might be similar to yours.  
  3. Good Insoles can extend the life of your favorite shoes: Shoes should last a long time, but often an individual gait can eventually wear down shoes in strange ways.  Utilize a good pair of insoles to make those nice shoes feel like new again. Additionally, the top cloth of a good brand of insoles should be anti-microbial and anti-odor.  
  4. Custom fit, doesn’t need to be expensive, and pain relief doesn’t need to be unobtainable: Even if you can’t afford a custom solution from a podiatrist, you can still get support where your foot needs it most, if you take some time to find the right insole for you. Once you find the right insole, throw them in every shoe, so you can get consistent relief and start feeling better all the time. 

Private: Onavi Align Insole (Original Sizes)


  • Designed by expert podiatrists
  • Helps realign your body and relieve your pain
  • Dual forefoot and heel pads to cushion every step
  • Unique arch cutout design maximizes comfort
  • Fits into most types of footwear


Most orders arrive within 5 business days.